Teams, Interest Groups, Task Forces

MELSA relies on the contributions of its member libraries to achieve shared goals and projects. Collaboration is reached through teams, interest groups, and task forces. The members of each team, interest group, and task force are appointed by the MELSA Advisory Board.


MELSA teams explore, develop, or recommend programs, resources, and activities to the Advisory Board regarding a specialized area of library operations.

Interest groups

MELSA interest groups facilitate the sharing of ideas, information, local program activity, and future planning within a specific area. 

Task Forces

A MELSA task force is a temporary committee that focuses on a specific project or task for a limited time period.


Each library system appoints a member to participate in each of the MELSA teams, and meetings occur on a regular basis throughout the year.

Interest Groups

Member libraries may choose to appoint a representative to each interest group.

task forces