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MELSA teams explore, develop, or recommend metro-wide programs, resources, and activities to the Advisory Board regarding a specialized area of library operations. Each library system appoints a member to participate in each of the MELSA teams, and meetings occur on a regular basis throughout the year.

Collection Development Team

The MELSA Collection Development Team focuses on library collection questions that have MELSA-wide scope and impact. This scope includes evaluation and coordination of shared ebook collections, collaborative collection development, best practices in evaluating and maintaining collections, equity in collections, advocacy with publishers and vendors, and exchange of ideas. Discussion will include collection activities in adult, teen and children’s services and materials in all formats.

E-Resource Team

MELSA’s E-Resources Team oversees the selection of metro-wide purchases of electronic databases and tools for the member library systems. 

Promotions Team

The Promotions Team focuses on ensuring consistent promotion of MELSA-wide programs/resources/campaigns throughout the eight library systems, as well as developing ideas for how to best promote metrowide programming and events and reviewing proposals that MELSA receives from a variety of local media for advertising partnerships.

Technology Team

The MELSA Technology Team meets periodically to collaborate on library technology issues including the shared discovery tool project, state and federal telecommunications discount programs (RLTA and E-rate), staff training, hardware and applications topics, and to discuss current trends in the library technology field such as social networking tools, RFID, open source software, etc.

Youth Services Team