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Devices and Software

Information for anyone:

System of Technology to Achieve Results (STAR) within the Minnesota Department of Administration links: 
Understanding Assistive Technology 
Device Loan 
Tools for the Future

Simon Technology Lending Library – Pacer Center

ADA Training Resources – a variety of training opportunities to increase your knowledge of the ADA.

AT3 Center – News & Tips

Assistive Technology Industry Association – AT Resources

Easterseals Crossroads: Taking on Disability together – Three podcasts (AT Update, Accessibility Minute, AT FAQ) plus Tip Tech videos

Assistive Technology Planning – Technology for HOME (T4H) offers a team approach to person-centered assistive technology (AT) consultation and technical assistance to help individuals with disabilities live more independently.

Assistive Technology Coalition – Information on technology that makes life accessible for people with disabilities.

The Center For Accessible Technology – focused on access to computers and technology for people with disabilities.

The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) – is a multi-faceted initiative to foster collaboration and action around accessible technology in the workplace.


For librarians: Accessibility Tutorial  – Overview of assistive technology equipment. 

Center on Technology and Disability - Webinar including AT information for libraries.

Additional resources for staff professional development (fees or membership may be required):

Assistive Technology Industry Association – AT Webinars

Closing the Gap – Conference, online Webinars and news


Apps and Other Digital Content:

Accessibility for Computers and Documents:

Windows Access  Customizing Windows 10 for Accessibility and Ease of Access

Windows 7 Essential Training

Microsoft – Information and online training on built-in accessibility features as well as information on assistive technologies.

Apple – Information on built-in accessibility features as well as information on assistive technologies.

Google accessibility features

Firefox accessibility features

Accessible Word Document Training

STAR – Creating Accessible Documents


Introduction to Disability and Accessibility (audio described version) – This is an adapted training course to introduce people to the concepts and terminology used around disability and accessibility in the workplace. MSFTEnable – Microsoft YouTube Channel, 5/17/2018

Audio Descriptions - At a Glance – This video is an introduction to audio descriptions and explains what they are, why they matter to people who are blind, and what are some best practices for including them in videos. (2:03) MSFTEnable – Microsoft YouTube Channel, 9/4/2018

Text Alternatives - At a Glance– An overview of text alternatives and explains what they are, how long they should be, and when they are not needed. (1:46) MSFTEnable – Microsoft YouTube Channel, 9/4/2018


Apps for All Disabilities:

iOS apps



Vision Apps:

iFocus Apple App Tips – Using the vision accessibility features on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Top Apps at Vision Loss Resources – List of apps for assisting those with vision loss. (Word Document, 4 pages/11 apps)

Equipment Apps for Apple and Android – Equipment Apps for Apple and Android recommended by blind user group at Central Library. (Word Document, 2 pages/15 apps)

Accessible Mobile Apps – Living with Vision Loss - resources


Intellectual/Developmental/Cognitive Apps: 

Easterseals Blog: taking on disability together  – 7 apps for kids with developmental disabilities to help at school.

My House of Memories: US app - Free and allows you to explore objects from the past and share memories together. It can be used by anyone, but has been designed for, and with, people living with dementia and their caregivers.


Physical Apps:

Shepard Center Resources – List of apps that can be useful to people with brain injury, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis when used in conjunction with a therapist and therapy program.