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Music in a Box!

  • May 7, 2010

Cheryl and Dianna have developed a “Music in a Box” ideas format to help you create your own “Musical Storytelling” by using one of your favorite books or a book that you would like to create into a “Musical Storytelling” experience.

We utilized this format at our first workshop and it was a quick and effective way for our audience of librarians to create new ways to add music into their library story times. It is also a great tool to emphasize literacy goals and meld these together with musical activities, extensions of activities, materials and parent education tips.

We titled this format “Music in a Box” as we are confident you could place the book, the materials and specific ideas telling the story musically, metaphorically into “a box” that could be pulled out at anytime for usage. These sheets could be stored by Title, Appropriate Audience and Author/Illustrator as a handy reference for “Musical Storytelling.”

We encourage you to use this tool to help you create your own “Musical Storytelling” library.

"Music in a Box" Ideas (form is available for download: "Music in a Box" Form"):

Book Title: _________________________

Appropriate Audience: ________________

Author/Illustrator: ____________________

Literacy Goals
(phonological awareness, print motivation,
vocabulary, print awareness,
letter knowledge, narrative):
Activities/Extension with Music:
Materials: Parent Education Tips:

Our next Blog will include examples from our “Musical Storytelling” presentations.


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