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Music and Literacy Connections

  • Apr 29, 2010

April 29, 2010. Cheryl and Dianna really enjoyed working with the librarians at the April 27 workshop in Maplewood. The information that was shared from the attendees and open dialogue with activities was wonderful. Below is some of the information that was shared at the workshop with the librarians about music and literacy connections. This continued dialogue furthers our discussion about music and literacy.

Those that attended the workshop on April 27, 2010 worked in small groups at the end of the workshop to compile music ideas based on a chosen book. Our next blog entry will include those entries for you to utilize in your story times.


Elements of Emergent Literacy: listening, speaking, reading and writing

  • Literacy begins prenatally
    • Listening and feeling maternal heartbeat
  • Babies are born ready to be literate. Provide environments to support literacy
    • Infants show a preference for native language
    • Respond to higher pitched voices and sounds (mother’s voice)
    • Recognize sounds, patterns and pitches
    • Respond to rhythm and melody
  • Toddlers begin to play with sounds, make associations
    • Sound awareness and associations
    • Vocalize and imitate sounds
    • Toddlers increase vocabulary – singing emerges
    • Make beat patterns. Play patterns with body percussion and instruments
  • Preschoolers pretend with sounds, words, make up stories
    • Respond to rhythm
    • Musical story play (socio dramatic), pretending with songs, sequencing, narration
    • Making up songs: story songs, singing about their day
    • Reading symbols and labels: musical symbols, letters, colors, signs, cues

Key Emergent Literacy Skills
Music Connections
Print motivation
Sing books with child
Lap bounces/steady beat
Finger plays with vocal play
Puppet play with music/story
Rock and sing to child
Phonological awareness
Singing, rhyming, imitation of sounds, sound associations: syllabic sounds, letters, patterns
Vocabulary development
Sing about what you are doing
Utility songs, songs that label, concepts
Print awareness
Song cards, labeling items with songs/chants, sign language, symbol recognition (music notes, etc.), pictures with songs/chants
Singing a story, listening to music and making up a musical story, songs with sequencing, singing the schedule, acting out a musical story
Letter knowledge
Letter sounds with songs/alliteration, “ABC”
Making letters out of instruments, song cards with letters

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